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Medium seller's market

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Canton, MI

Canton is largely a residential community offering all types of housing from quaint condominiums to estate homes on large lots … and everything in between.

City of Plymouth, MI

Plymouth, with its historic buildings and charming atmosphere, gels seamlessly with the large homes on large lots of neighboring Plymouth Township.

Plymouth Township, MI

Plymouth Township, located within Plymouth, with its historic buildings and charming atmosphere, gels seamlessly with the large homes on large lots.

City of Northville, MI

Downtown Northville has preserved its historic charm and has an old-fashioned air. It’s an eclectic blend of old and new … undeniable chemistry!

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Through the Years

The real estate market has changed a lot over the last 30 years—but we have, too! We’ve seen everything from big 80s hair to some of the coolest technological advances. However, one thing that will always stay the same is our commitment to superior client care.
Noel and Lee with computer and phone


Celebrated our "50th Family Served" and bought our first computer, an AppleIIE. We played a whole lot of PacMan on there.

Noel and Lee - formal photo


After serving over 200 Families, Noel and Lee begin to hire and expand the Bittinger Team.

Noel and Lee - formal photo


With over 1500 families served, Noel and Lee open a RE/MAX franchise building it to be one of the most successful offices in the metro area.

Noel and Lee - formal photo


With the market taking a turn, The Bittinger Team shifts their focus to short sales so homeowners have a trusted resource they can turn to.

Noel and Lee - formal photo


As the market came roaring back, the team was stronger than ever. The Bittinger Team celebrated helping more than 3200 families.

Noel and Lee reviewing a document together


The Bittinger Team opens their own private real estate company allowing us to better serve our more than 3800 clients.

Noel headshot


With the market roaring, Bittnger Team, Realtors is thriving in helping more and more families accomplish their real estate goals.

Unrivaled! Top 1/2% of realtors for the past 24 years straight
32 years - 4,448 homes sold
The Most Recognized Realtor - Canton & Plymouth | Best of Zillow | Most Homes Sold - Canton & Plymouth
102% average sale/list ratio

Condo sold faster than we expected and their team is awesome. Pictures of our condo were amazing which helped get the showings we needed. 100% recommend the Bittinger Team

By Dennis Cook

5 stars