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Sonja Atkins Closing Manager

Sonja Atkins is the Closing Manager here at Bittinger Team Realtors. From the moment an offer has been agreed upon, Sonja's focus is guiding our clients to the closing table. Her core values are health & wellness, trust, empowerment, lifetime learning, and active listening. These values align her to be the most dynamic and insightful individual to direct transaction to the final signing. Sonja is also a Health Coach which helps create a unique experience for all clients to encounter high-caliber knowledge, thoughtfulness, and tranquility when it's most needed.

Sonja grew up in Broward County Florida and moved to Wayne County Michigan when she was 19 years old. After falling in love with all of Michigan’s changing seasons, she decided to make it her permanent home. She is devoted to spending time with her fiancé, three kids, two dogs, and kitty cat. Sonja loves to dance & sing, have water gun fights with her kids, learn about the universe & metaphysics, and staying active.

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