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Buying a Home in the Fall - Bittinger Team, REALTORS

The leaves are changing colors, the cider mills are opening, and the pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu – fall is in the air! We know there are some instances when you have no control over which time of year you move, but in those cases when you can decide, there are many reasons why fall is the best time of year to buy a home.

Bittinger Team, REALTORS, has the experience necessary to provide you with insight and advice on a wide range of real estate topics. Our goal is always to make the home buying and selling process as smooth and stress free as possible for you!

Although spring and summer have long been thought of as the best time of year to buy a home, there are many reasons why fall can be considered the superior season for home

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Downsizing Your Home - Bittinger Team, REALTORS

You may be wondering: Should I downsize my home? In truth, downsizing your home is a big decision. The prospect of leaving a larger home in favor of less space and lower costs can cause all sorts of feelings to arise. In America, we often think that bigger is better – but is that actually true?

Bittinger Team, REALTORS serves those in the Plymouth, Canton and Northville, MI areas in all aspects of the buying and selling process – including downsizing. Leading in excellence among Plymouth-Canton Realtors, Bittinger Team, REALTORS offers support, exceptional service and the knowledge and skills you need to help you move to a new home that perfectly fits your lifestyle.


4 Signs It Might Be Time to Downsize

  1. You Are or Will Be an

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Pricing Your Home in a Seller's Market - Bittinger Team, REALTORS

As you embark on the early stages of your home selling journey, you’ll hear terms like “buyer’s market” and “seller’s market” thrown around a lot. These terms describe the current state of the housing market and indicate whether the buyer or the seller has the advantage.  

At Bittinger Team, REALTORS, our clients always have the advantage. In fact, on average, our sellers fetch 102% of the asking price on their homes. How do we do it? We start with a thorough understanding of the local market, which helps us strategically price your home for sale.

Buyer’s Market Defined

A buyer’s market occurs when the number of available homes exceeds the number of interested home buyers. This market is ideal for home buyers because it’s more likely that

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Woodlore North in Plymouth Township, MI - Bittinger Team, REALTORS

Located at the intersection of Ann Arbor and North Beck Road, the Woodlore North subdivision of Plymouth Township, MI is a quaint, quiet and peaceful neighborhood with plenty of space. This 107-home community was originally built between 1988 and 1994, with gorgeous houses ranging in style from Colonials to Cape Cods and beyond. This is a well-manicured and safe community that provides respite from the hectic city environment while remaining close enough to enjoy city life whenever you choose.

Bittinger Team, REALTORS is committed to serving all your home buying needs. With over 35 years in the business and over 4,000 families served, Bittinger Team, REALTORS will provide you with the tools, expertise and attention you need to make buying a home in

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Plymouth Canton Schools - Bittinger Team, REALTORS

The 2018-2019 school year is officially underway and we at Bittinger Team, REALTORS are wishing all students, families, and teachers good luck as you head back for another year of learning and growing.

It’s undeniable that Plymouth-Canton Community Schools are a major attraction for home buyers in the Metro Detroit area. We couldn’t be more proud to tell our buyer clients about our award-winning school district.

So what makes Plymouth-Canton Community Schools so special? Simply put - it’s the people! Exceptional teachers and staff, an effective administration, parental involvement, and of course, our bright students, all make for an outstanding educational experience.


About Plymouth-Canton Community Schools

Plymouth-Canton Community

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Real Estate Market Knowledge - Bittinger Team, REALTORS

Are you getting ready to sell your home?

Your first task is to find the right local real estate agent. At Bittinger Team, REALTORS, we understand the stress of the journey you’re about to embark on. We work tirelessly to make the home selling process a positive one for our clients. How do we accomplish this?  

One way is our proven marketing plan. Bittinger Team, REALTORS gets your home in front of the right buyers, at the right time, and for the right price. That means your home sells fast and for a price you’ll love!


Why Listing with Bittinger Team, REALTORS Gets you MORE

Bittinger Team, REALTORS offers so much more than most other real estate agencies. We’re your one-stop resource when it comes to selling your home. We know you

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 Fairway Pines at Pheasant Run - Bittinger Team, REALTORS

Built in 1995, Fairway Pines at Pheasant Run is a family-friendly community that features more than 300 single family residential homes. Located in the heart of Canton, MI, just south of Cherry Hill Road and west of Canton Center Road, the subdivision is intertwined with the Pheasant Run Golf Course and conveniently located near several stores, parks, and schools.

Fairway Pines at Pheasant Run is another great neighborhood in a community we love. Bittinger Team, REALTORS knows that the quality of a neighborhood is an important factor to consider in the home buying process. Our team can provide you with valuable information about neighborhoods in Canton, MI as well as the surrounding cities of Northville, MI and Plymouth, MI.


Homes for Sale

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 Selling Your Home - Bittinger Team. REALTORS

You’ve decided it’s time to sell your home. Awesome! The question is, what happens now? While the prospect of moving to a new home is exciting, the home selling process can seem daunting.

Don’t fret! With the proper support, such as working with a Realtor from Bittinger Team, REALTORS, selling a home can be a smooth, low-stress process. At Bittinger Team, REALTORS, you have a whole team of professionals behind you that will work tirelessly to provide an extraordinary real estate experience.


Selling Your Home – Step by Step

So, what exactly goes into selling a home? Below we break down the basics of the home selling process. This essential list will help give you a solid knowledge base for your home selling journey.

  • Find

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