Not today, cancer.

Posted by Noel Bittinger on Friday, February 8th, 2019 at 10:27am.


The word when not used in reference to a zodiac sign, makes you cringe.

You do this beacuase it has likely touched you in some way. Whether it be distantly, closely or personally, the word, the definition of it, sparks fear and causes your body to tremble. Yet cancer isn't the boogie-man. No. Because cancer is very real and it can find you anytime, anywhere. You do not hide from cancer. It is not a figment of your imagination.

At least, this is how I feel about cancer. 

Having lost friends and loved ones to it. Watching friends and loved ones battle it valiantly. Having fought it myself. Being the lucky woman who won the fight while others who had fought harder and braver than I had, did not. 

But this blog isn't about me.

It's about my friend and mentor, Noel Bittinger.

If you're reading this post then you likely know her in some way. She is a staple in the Plymouth-Canton community, an avid volunteer, loving wife, a dear friend, a Real Estate Powerhouse and also, a SURVIVOR. 

Noel and the Bittinger Team have always gone above and beyond, selflessly giving back and helping others. It's the core of who they are. Noel is proof that cancer can touch you, but not your soul; neither your thoughts, nor your heart.

When she announced she would be making her theatre debut with "Lights...Camera...Cure!" benefiting Relay for Life Canton and Plymouth, MI and The American Cancer Society, I wasn't surprised. I was proud but, not suprised. Because Noel Bittinger does nothing in half measures. Watching her behind the scenes, smiling through her nerves and embracing her inner actress, all for a cause bigger than herself is just... who she is.

And so, I decided to deviate from Real Estate a bit to share with you a few highlights from the production...



Now knowing Noel, when she catches wind of this blog she's going to ask me why I made it about her.

The answer to that is simply: Because you inspire

So when I look at my friend and mentor, a warrior and a survivor I can say with a smile; Not today, cancer.

Not today.



To donate or get involved with Relay for Life Canton and Plymouth, MI click here:

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