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Our exclusive Maximization Of Value AssessmentTM is designed to give you a comprehensive and objective overview of the issues affecting the smooth sale of your property for maximum net proceeds. By addressing the questions posed here you will gain insight as to how well (or not so well) you and your property are currently positioned for maximum results. It also helps us help you formulate the best marketing plan and strategy to minimize time and uncertainty on the market while maximizing your net proceeds at close.

You will find the 5 - 10 minutes it takes to complete it well worth the effort! And as always, your answers will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Shortly after clicking the Submit button at the bottom of this form, you will receive a copy of your MOVATM via e-mail along with an introductory email for your free SPECIAL BONUS "15 Secrets To Maximize Sales Results!" program that covers the critical aspects of preparing your property (inside and out) for maximum curb appeal and buyer acceptance. Just following these simple yet important steps could add many thousands of dollars to your closing proceeds!

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Tell Us About Your Property

Property Profile Obtain an objective understanding of your property's features, strengths and weaknesses from a buyer's perspective; understanding their view will help maximize your profit at the closing table and ensure a smooth sale.

For the following questions try to answer them from the perspective of a potential buyer, the more objective and candid you can be, the better for you at the closing table!

Needs, Goals and Aspirations Determine your property selling needs, goals and aspirations for current market conditions to glean vital aspects to the planning process. Gain knowledge to sell your home with confidence, not uncertainty.

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