Charts, lists, systems and protocols … that’s what makes Noel Bittinger roll and that’s what keeps Bittinger Team, Realtors humming for all those years. Practicing real estate for 37 years gives her a wealth of knowledge, expertise and negotiating skills.

Having a Mechanical Engineering degree, she is a stickler for detail. Everyone knows she fights fiercely for her clients, most of the time harder than they think they can as she loves to surprise her buyers and sellers with good news.

She’s a tough, no-nonsense kind of gal but don’t let that fool you. If you know her you will know that she’s the first one to have her eyes well up at any bit of mushiness.

Noel has been married to Lee for 38 years now. She is an avid movie- goer and giant animal lover. Lee and Noel’s current and only doggie is little Dagny, their Maltese rescue. Noel loves to teach, coach and travel and believes that all that is given to her is by the grace of God.

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